• Business Disputes

    The Sipos Firm has represented numerous clients with complex business disputes, including:

    - Breach of Contract
    - Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    - Corporate Theft
    - Minority Shareholder Rights
    - Embezzlement
    - Misappropriation of Trade Secret
    - Misappropriation of Business Opportunity
    - Fraud
    - Dissolution of Corporate Entity
    - Shareholder Dissolution
    - Non-compete Agreements

  • Personal Injury

    The Sipos Firm has represented numerous clients in simple and complex personal injury actions, including:

    - Auto Accidents
    - Truck Accidents
    - Dog Bites
    - Hunting Injuries
    - Slip & Fall
    - Assault & Battery
    - Rape and Sexual Abuse
    - Invasion of Privacy
    - Unlawful Video

  • Securities Fraud

    The Sipos Firm has represented many clients in high profile cases involve securities and investment fraud. Click here to learn more.

  • Employment & Wages

    The Sipos Firm has represented clients in employment and wage disputes, including:

    - Unpaid Wages
    - Unpaid Overtime
    - Wrongful Termination
    - Sexual Harassment
    - Discrimination based on Age, Race, Religion, National Origin, Gender
    - Violation of Non-Compete Contracts
    - Violation of Non-Solicitation Contracts

  • Government Whistleblower

    The Sipos Firm has represented several whistleblowers of government fraud, othewise known as Qui Tam actions, or claims arising under the False Claims Act. The law requires whistleblowers to hire a lawyer for such claims, which can easily be lost unless the claims are presented according to statutory requirements that must be followed precisely to ensure proper handling.

  • Crime Victim Law

    The Sipos Firm represents crime victims in civil lawsuits. Crime victims often feel disappointed by the criminal law system that is designed more to punish a criminal than to benefit a victim, but which often does neither. Crime victims can learn more about the powerful rights they have in the civil law system at our dedicated website: www.victimrecoverylaw.com

  • Post-Bankruptcy Litigation

    The Sipos Firm represents clients in specialized lawsuits, called adversary proceedings, that often follow bankruptcy. Once a debtor files bankruptcy, creditors often pursue adversary proceedings to establish the amount of debt they are owed or to exclude their debt altogether from a bankruptcy discharge.

  • Real Estate Lawsuits

    The Sipos Firm has represented clients in a broad range of disputes involving real estate transactions, including claims related to the enforceability of real estate purchase contracts, lease agreements, fraud in connection with such contracts, and situations where real estate agents breach their duties by placing their own interests ahead of their customers.

  • Collections

    The Sipos Firm has represented numerous clients in recovering debts owed to them by others. The goal of many civil lawsuits is to obtain a judgment, but often that’s the easy part. After a judgment is obtained, additional litigation might be required to find debtors’ assets and recover them through supplemental proceedings, garnishments, writs of execution, and other available legal remedies.

  • Local Counsel

    The Sipos Firm acts as local counsel for out-of-state attorneys who need to practice within the Utah state or federal courts.

Experienced attorneys and legal counselors.

The Sipos Law Firm is committed to placing the clients’ interests first. While that means providing only excellent-quality legal work, it also means understanding clients’ financial and emotional circumstances, working toward shared goals, and keeping clients informed about the process. Many clients have transferred cases to our firm from other attorneys who provided adequate work, but at exorbitant prices, or from those who failed to understand the clients’ needs or to keep them involved in the process. Many clients have come to regard our attorneys not only as exceptional attorneys, but also as trusted friends. For more comments from our clients, please review our testimonial page.


Victor A. Sipos, Esq.

Victor Sipos has worked as a litigation attorney for more than 15 years in Arizona, California and Utah. He has represented some of the largest corporations in America, including Chevron U.S.A., General Electric Co., Sears, Roebuck and Co., and Verizon Wireless, and he has litigated hundreds of civil lawsuits including those related to investment fraud, government fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, crime victim compensation, complex contract claims, employment disputes, Internet law, personal injury, real estate disputes, shareholder disputes, corporate governance, and unfair competition. In 2012, Mr. Sipos successfully represented his clients in before the Utah Supreme Court in the matter of Torian v. Craig, 2012 UT 63. Mr. Sipos strives to provide exceptional service to clients, not only through the quality of work, but also by the way he respects and treats clients.

Sipos Law, PLLC, Salt Lake City, UT (2005-Present)
Salt Lake County Auditor’s Office, Salt Lake City, UT (2005-2007)
Glynn & Finley, LLP, Walnut Creek, CA (2001-2005)
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges, LLP, San Francisco, CA (2000-2001)
Brown & Bain, PA, Phoenix, AZ (1997-2000)
Debevoise & Plimpton, Washington, DC (1997)
U.S. District Court, District of Utah, extern for Hon. Bruce S. Jenkins, SLC, UT (1996)
U.S. Department of State, Balkan Action Team, Washington, D.C. (1994)

University of Columbia School of Law, New York, New York.

Juris Doctorate, 1998. Recognized as Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar (approximately top 20%), 1995-1996; served as president of law school's chapter of Amnesty International, 1996-1997; participated on Human Rights Law Review, 1996-1997.

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.; BA, International Relations, 1995. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

California State Bar Association
Utah State Bar Association
Utah Trial Lawyers Association

US District Court, District of Arizona
US District Court, Northern District of California
US District Court, Eastern District of California
US District Court, Central District of California
US District Court, District of Utah

Partial Justice Within the U.S. Judicial System: Differing Treatment of Males and Females, published in a textbook titled A RHETORIC FOR THE SOCIAL SCIENCES, Prentice Hall (1997)(ISBN: 0134402723)



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