• Business Disputes

    The Sipos Firm has represented numerous clients with complex business disputes, including:

    - Breach of Contract
    - Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    - Corporate Theft
    - Minority Shareholder Rights
    - Embezzlement
    - Misappropriation of Trade Secret
    - Misappropriation of Business Opportunity
    - Fraud
    - Dissolution of Corporate Entity
    - Shareholder Dissolution
    - Non-compete Agreements

  • Personal Injury

    The Sipos Firm has represented numerous clients in simple and complex personal injury actions, including:

    - Auto Accidents
    - Truck Accidents
    - Dog Bites
    - Hunting Injuries
    - Slip & Fall
    - Assault & Battery
    - Rape and Sexual Abuse
    - Invasion of Privacy
    - Unlawful Video

  • Securities Fraud

    The Sipos Firm has represented many clients in high profile cases involve securities and investment fraud. Click here to learn more.

  • Employment & Wages

    The Sipos Firm has represented clients in employment and wage disputes, including:

    - Unpaid Wages
    - Unpaid Overtime
    - Wrongful Termination
    - Sexual Harassment
    - Discrimination based on Age, Race, Religion, National Origin, Gender
    - Violation of Non-Compete Contracts
    - Violation of Non-Solicitation Contracts

  • Government Whistleblower

    The Sipos Firm has represented several whistleblowers of government fraud, othewise known as Qui Tam actions, or claims arising under the False Claims Act. The law requires whistleblowers to hire a lawyer for such claims, which can easily be lost unless the claims are presented according to statutory requirements that must be followed precisely to ensure proper handling.

  • Crime Victim Law

    The Sipos Firm represents crime victims in civil lawsuits. Crime victims often feel disappointed by the criminal law system that is designed more to punish a criminal than to benefit a victim, but which often does neither. Crime victims can learn more about the powerful rights they have in the civil law system at our dedicated website: www.victimrecoverylaw.com

  • Post-Bankruptcy Litigation

    The Sipos Firm represents clients in specialized lawsuits, called adversary proceedings, that often follow bankruptcy. Once a debtor files bankruptcy, creditors often pursue adversary proceedings to establish the amount of debt they are owed or to exclude their debt altogether from a bankruptcy discharge.

  • Real Estate Lawsuits

    The Sipos Firm has represented clients in a broad range of disputes involving real estate transactions, including claims related to the enforceability of real estate purchase contracts, lease agreements, fraud in connection with such contracts, and situations where real estate agents breach their duties by placing their own interests ahead of their customers.

  • Collections

    The Sipos Firm has represented numerous clients in recovering debts owed to them by others. The goal of many civil lawsuits is to obtain a judgment, but often that’s the easy part. After a judgment is obtained, additional litigation might be required to find debtors’ assets and recover them through supplemental proceedings, garnishments, writs of execution, and other available legal remedies.

  • Local Counsel

    The Sipos Firm acts as local counsel for out-of-state attorneys who need to practice within the Utah state or federal courts.

Client testimonials provide the best insight
into what it's like to work with us.

Instead of us trying to describe our clients' experiences, we let them speak for themselves. If you desire, we'd be pleased to ask those who provided the comments below if they'd be willing to speak with you further about their experiences:

“I wanted to say thank you for your kind words that you enclosed with the [settlement] check ... and I also wanted to tell you I so much appreciate you. I thank you for all that you did for me and for believing in me and for fighting for me.

I have been “burned” very badly by four attorneys in my life and the most recent one was one here in Utah. I must be honest I lost all faith in attorneys until I met you. I honestly felt that “all” attorneys just lied and did not care about their clients and all they cared about was the money. But having you and what you did for me has shown me that there are indeed great attorneys out there who do care and work hard for their clients and thanks to you I now have faith back into the legal system. I appreciate that you always called me back when I called you. You not ever once made me feel that I was “bothering” you. You were always kind to me and you never rushed me. And for whatever it is worth, from the bottom of my heart to yours, I thank you for “everything.” If anyone I know needs an attorney in your field I will for sure tell them about you.”
-- B.K.

“Victor is the only attorney I’ve ever needed, and I went into our case very nervous. He was so genuine and down to earth I felt comfortable & confident right away. Very soon into the case, I realized how sharp he is, and I became extremely grateful we had him on our side. He always made us feel welcome to ask him questions and was patient in explaining things. He seemed genuinely concerned for us, and our case. He treated us like good friends he was looking out for.”
-- L.N.

Thanks for all your help, you’re the best attorney I have ever seen. You’ve been right on top of this, all the laws, and (my husband) raves about what a great job you did in the court room. -- S.G.L.


“You’ve done a wonderful job; you’re fantastic. Also Victor, from now on I want you to charge me your regular rate. . . . You are a fantastic attorney and you deserve it. I’ve paid full rate to lousy attorneys; now that I finally have a fantastic one; I don’t feel right about not paying you your normal rate.”
-- A.B.


“Thanks for the latest info on the payout … This is such great news … Again, we cannot thank you enough for your kindness … If you had decided to [take a higher] contingency fee, believe me, we would have been OK with that too because you so deserve it. I still pray [that] we can properly reward you financially for all that you have done for us with our case. We will never lose sight or take for granted your immense generosity and kindness …

If you had not taken our case 3 years ago, who knows where [we] might be today psychologically or otherwise. First of all, it would have been financially IMPOSSIBLE … since we were financially depleted and we could not find an attorney who was willing to take our case for what we could afford to pay. The feelings of despair, hopelessness, embarrassment, and just being physically ill 24/7 after discovering we were scammed. [We] consider you a very special human being sent to us from God. You were able to look beyond all of the expected formalities that goes with your profession, and extend compassion, kindness, empathy, and hope from one human being to another during their lowest point in life. I strongly believe you saved us from ourselves, and for that we will forever be grateful.
-- S.S


“This letter is to convey our sincere “Thank You” to you for the great job you have done on [my case] over the last 4-odd years, finally bringing it to a successful conclusion.

It has been a real pleasure interacting with you over the years, and I have always found your advice well-balanced, thoroughly thought out, and wonderfully timely. When we started this litigation nearly four years ago, and as it proceeded, there were times when it appeared to be a complete uphill battle with absolutely no end in sight! It was only your immense fortitude, razor-sharp legal insight, deft handling of some complex situations with a large number of defendants, and constant sage advice that helped us to keep going, and that has finally produced a positive result for us by getting the defendants to agree to a settlement, thereby helping us recover our hard-earned savings.

All through this journey, [my wife] and I have always appreciated the time you took to inform us about the key elements of the case, to respond to our many questions, to educate us on the right course of action (without ever imposing anything on us), and to always look out for our welfare. We have also developed a great respect for your negotiation skills and the ability to get your clients their rights, which, to us, is the hallmark of a brilliant attorney – one who knows what they’re doing! The clarity with which you laid out the options, and explained the pros-and-cons, was refreshing and very valuable too.

As always, we will be very happy to serve as a reference and speak with anyone who might wish to talk to us about our experience with you. Of course, we wish you the very best in your professional endeavors, and hope that you are always able to gain victories for your clients as you have done for us!”
-- S.V., Ph.D.


“Thank you so much for all you do! You always take care of us, and I really appreciate your attention, dedication, professionalism, and friendship.” --C.F.


“There are not many litigators in town as good as Victor. I have used the large law firms and paid their high rates, but was not getting the desired results. When I switched to Victor, things started to look up. The legal system in the US is difficult to navigate. I want Victor on my team.” -- M.R.


"Thank you again, so much!, for moving this forward so nicely (and making litigation such an enjoyably fascinating process!)" -- S.M.


“Last year we asked all of our family plus friends, neighbors, and our bishop to fast with us to help us find a lawyer who would possess not only the legal skills and knowledge we needed, but one who would also possess a character similar to that of Abraham Lincoln. Our desire was to find an honest, trustworthy lawyer. We believe, and are sure, you became an instrument in our Heavenly Father’s hands, who was sent to answer our many pleadings that had been ascending to heaven for several months.” -- H.R.


“I do not know how to say thank you in a way that you could feel the impact of your work in our behalf and how much it has helped both of us. Those two words simply are inadequate, but please know that they are sincere and deeply meant.
-- H.R.W.


“Thanks Victor! You have been amazing! I appreciate all your help through this very difficult process! Not only were you my attorney, but I consider you one of my dearest friends! Congratulations to you too!” -- P.M.R.


“Service was great! Smart, responsible, nice, professional.” -- L.M.


“Thank you so much for all you do! You always take care of us, and I really appreciate your attention, dedication, professionalism, and friendship.” --C.F.


“I am writing this letter to provide the strongest level of enthusiastic support and appreciation for the services of Victor Sipos, J.D. I retained Mr. Sipos’s services as an attorney in February ... Mr. Sipos was nothing short of the consummate lawyer and advocate--- guiding me through a process that was both unfamiliar and complex, with boundless energy, professionalism, empathy and compassion.

[Section describing facts of case.] Mr. Sipos came to the rescue... When it became clear that the other party was not interested in a reasonable settlement and then hired their own legal representation, Mr. Sipos promptly drafted [the lawsuit]. What is truly remarkable was the speed in which all of this transpired—-all within less than five days. Mr. Sipos literally worked straight through several days and nights in order to generate the necessary paperwork to begin litigation. Without a doubt this “show of force” was instrumental in resolving the dispute in our favor...

In summary, words cannot express enough appreciation for the services of Mr. Sipos. His skills as a negotiator, as an attorney, and as an advocate for his clients are of the highest caliber. I recommend him with the utmost enthusiasm.”
--Dr. L.C.D., M.D., Ph.D


“Victor was a highly valued member of our legal team, and his family's relocation to Utah, though understandable, was a loss for us. What we valued most about Victor in addition to his considerable legal skills and intellect, was his personal traits: he is honest and extremely ethical, wonderful to work with, and trustworthy in every way. Our firm represents sophisticated Fortune 100 clients, and they therefore have the opportunity to work with many lawyers around the country and the world. Invariably, clients such as GE, DuPont, Chevron, Verizon Wireless, Sears and others regarded Victor as a highly efficient lawyer who was easy to work with, and whose solution to legal problems were creative.”
-- Clement L. Glynn, Glynn & Finley, LLP


“All I can say is thank God we found you! ... I don't know how we would have been able to even have any hope of getting any of our money back if you had not offered to assist us ... It is a high probability we would either be in a mental hospital or no longer around if not for you. Seriously! I just hope the day comes soon that we get a decent amount of money back to properly compensate you for your services.... Thank you again for your kindness and your generosity with your legal services during such a tumultuous time in our lives. .”
-- T & S






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